How to see the linux driver file


This article mainly introduces how to read linux driver files. In daily operations, I believe many people have doubts about how to read linux driver files. The editor consulted various materials and sorted out simple and easy-to-use operation methods. I hope it will be helpful for you to answer the doubts about how to read the linux driver file! Next, please follow the editor to learn together!

The location of the linux driver file: 1. The key driver is in the kernal\drivers\input\keyboard and kernal\drivers\char folders; 2. The network card driver is in the kernal\drivers\net\ folder; 3. The serial driver is in the kernal\drivers\serial\ folder; 4. The real-time clock RTC driver is in the kernal\drivers\rtc\ folder.

The operating environment of this tutorial: linux7.3 system, Dell G3 computer.

Which folder is the linux driver file in?

The directory that needs to be checked after the driver is loaded:

  • /proc/devices: View characters Device number

  • /sys/class/gpio : export/unexport gpio

  • /sys/bus/i2c/devices : View all devices under the i2c bus

Linux's own driver is stored in the kernel source directory. The specific directory is as follows

    < li>

    Keyboard driver


kernal\drivers\ char

  • LED driver



  • Network card driver


  • serial driver

kernal\drivers\ serial\

  • Real time clock RTC driver


  • Touch screen driver


  • YAFFS file system source code directory


    < li>

    USB mouse, keyboard driver


  • SD/MMC card driver directory


  • Nand flash Driver


  • audio driver directory



  • LCD Driver


  • U Disk support driver


  • Vimicro USB camera driver< /p>


At this point, the study on how to look at linux driver files is over. Hope to solve your doubts. The combination of theory and practice can better help you learn, go try it! If you want to continue to learn more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to the Yisuyun website, and the editor will continue to work hard to bring you more practical articles!

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