How to solve wordpress avatar misalignment


This article mainly introduces the relevant knowledge on how to solve wordpress avatar misalignment. The editor shows you the operation process through actual cases. The operation method is simple, fast and practical. I hope this article on how to solve wordpress avatar misalignment can help you solve it question.


The solution to the dislocation of the wordpress avatar: 1. Find and open the function.php file; 2. Add the code in this file as function fixed_activity_widget_avatar_style(){echo' ';}add_action('admin_head', 'fixed_activity_widget_avatar_style' ); can solve the avatar misalignment problem.

Wordpress upgraded to 4.5 and the solution to the dislocation of background comment avatar

After wordpress was updated to the latest version 4.5, we logged into the background and found the instrument The avatar of the disk comment is misplaced and becomes very large, but the official has not solved this bug. I don’t know if different browsers will display differently. The tribe has not tested it.

Actually, there are background comments in WordPress The phenomenon of avatar dislocation, as early as the 4.2 version, many friends have already raised this problem.

WordPress upgrade to 4.5, the background comment avatar dislocation

The tribe is currently still I haven't upgraded to version 4.5, but some friends have already upgraded and found this problem. The effect is as follows:

The solution is also very simple, we only need to add In the function.php file, add the following code.

function fixed_activity_widget_avatar_style(){ echo ' '; } add_action('admin_head', 'fixed_activity_widget_avatar_style' );

After successful addition, the misplacement of the avatar can be solved.

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