Analysis of nginx Installation Configuration Example


Nginx installation

System platform: centos release 6.6 (final) 64-bit.

First, install compilation tools and library files

yum -y install make zlib zlib-devel gcc-c++ libtool openssl openssl-devel

Second, first of all, install pcre.

The function of pcre is to make ngnix support rewrite function.

1. Download the pcre installation package at the following address:

2. Unzip the installation package:

Install nginx

1. Download nginx at the following address:

2. Unzip the installation package

At this point, nginx installation is complete.

Nginx configuration

Create a user for nginx operation www:

Start nginx

Nginx startup command is as follows:

visit a website

Access our configured site ip from the browser:

Nginx other commands

The following contains several commands commonly used by nginx:

/usr/local/webserver/nginx/sbin/nginx-sreload # Reload the configuration file/usr/local/webserver/nginx/sbin/nginx-sreopen # Restart nginx/usr/local/webserver/nginx/sbin/nginx-sstop # Stop Nginx.

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