What are the linux versions suitable for novices


This article mainly introduces the linux versions suitable for novices. In daily operations, I believe many people have doubts about the linux versions suitable for novices. The editor consulted various materials and sorted out a simple The easy-to-use method of operation, I hope it will help you to answer your doubts about the Linux version suitable for novices! Next, please follow the editor to learn together!

A linux version suitable for novices:

1. Linux5.10.10

It can effectively improve the stability of the system, fix the error handling of clk, avoid unnecessary kmap_atomic calls, delete asynchronous pause support, and increase the critical threshold of the ASIC hot zone. When the DSA host is not bound, it can touch all switches from tree species bound.


2. Linux5.10.9 official version

Compatibility is very strong, all hardware devices are basically compatible, add a new device logo for AMD Renior APU, and also add the latest GCC compiler to improve the system's software and hardware compatibility, and provide users with convenient and excellent graphics windows , the operation is more simple and convenient.

3. crossover linux green version

It allows full-speed operation without reducing performance. Installing Windows software through CroSs is like running a local application, and you can use the functions directly, which is very convenient and fast. There is also an installation technology that makes users use it more smoothly.

4. The latest version of cdlinux

Different systems can be perfected during the user's use process. Through the use of different levels of tools and encryption processing, it can be easily repaired. Under different data content, different levels of effects and encryption protection can be guaranteed.

5. Linux Kernel 5.9.2

The function is very powerful, and it can be used to manage networks, servers, workstations, etc. The compatibility is also very good, and many niche devices are also compatible, and the interface is very refreshing. It adopts code input design, and all functions are completed by inputting codes.

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