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In linux, X11 refers to X Window System, which is a graphical window management system. X11 was born in Unix and OpenVMS, which is a standard toolkit and protocol for establishing graphical user interface in Unix environment. The graphical management interface under Linux operating system is also developed on the basis of X11 runtime.

Operating environment of this tutorial: linux7.3 system and Dell G3 computer.

What is x11 in linux? X11 is also called X Window system, which is a graphical window management system. It was born in Unix and OpenVMS, and it is a standard toolkit and protocol for establishing graphical user interface in Unix environment.

Graphical management interfaces (GNOME, KDE) under Linux operating system are also developed based on X11 runtime.

X Window System (also called X11 or X) is a software window system displayed in bitmap mode. It was first studied by MIT in 1984, and then it became a standardized software toolkit and display architecture operating protocol that was consistently applicable to UNIX, UNIX-like, OpenVMS and other operating systems. X-window system creates the graphical user interface used by the operating system through software tools and architecture protocols, and then it is gradually extended to all kinds of other operating systems. Now almost all operating systems can support and use X. More importantly, today's well-known desktop environments-gnome and KDE are also based on the X window system.

X Window System is abbreviated as X, or X11, or X-Windows. It is called X because X is located after W in the alphabet, and W is the GUI system used by MIT before X..

It is called X11 because in 1987, X Window System had evolved to the 11th version, and all subsequent X's were developed based on X11 version (with little change). For convenience, we will refer to X Window System as X generation in the future.

Extended knowledge

Because X is only a toolkit and architecture specification, there is no actual entity involved in the operation, so someone must develop and write according to this standard. Only in this way can a truly usable and executable entity be called an implementation body. At present, among the implementations developed and written according to the standard framework of X, X.Org is the most popular and popular.

In the legend, the X server obtains the input information from the keyboard and mouse, and then displays the input feedback on the screen, while the web browser and terminal simulator run on the client's local system.

In addition, the client also keeps in touch with remote machines and servers through the network to ensure the update of message status. Such a mechanism and architecture can make the software running remotely run as if it were running on the local side.

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