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Python can be used for both front-end and back-end development. Python is a computer programming language that can be used for front-end and back-end development. It is a high-level scripting language that combines interpretation, compilation, interaction, and object-oriented scripting; using Python can be used for web application development and automated operations. Dimensions, artificial intelligence, web crawlers, scientific computing, etc.

Python is a high-level scripting language that combines interpreted, compiled, interactive, and object-oriented scripting. Python is designed to be highly readable. Compared with other languages, English keywords are often used, as well as some punctuation marks in other languages. It has more unique grammatical structures than other languages.

Python is a computer programming language that can be used for front-end and back-end development. Python can be used for both front-end and back-end development; but python is mainly used for back-end development.


Python Features:

  • Easy to learn: Python has relatively few keywords, simple structure, clear syntax, and easier to learn .

  • Easy to read: Python code is more clearly defined.

  • Ease of maintenance: Python's success is that its source code is relatively easy to maintain.

  • Rich standard library: One of Python's strengths is its rich library, cross-platform, and good compatibility on UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh.

  • Interactive mode: Support for interactive mode, you can enter the language to execute the code from the terminal and get the result, interactive test and debug code fragments.

  • Portable: Based on its open source nature, Python has been ported to many platforms.

  • Scalability: If you need a key piece of code to run fast, or want to write some algorithms that you don’t want to open, you can use C or C++ to complete that part of the program, Then from your Python program.

Python application areas

1. Web application development

In Web DevelopmentPython is definitely a rising star. Although PHP and JS are still the mainstream languages for Web development, the upward momentum of Python is very strong. Especially as Python's web development framework gradually matures (such as Django, Flask, Tornado, Web2py, etc.), programmers can develop and manage complex web programs more easily.

2. Automated operation and maintenance

The so-called automated operation and maintenance is actually using some open source automation tools to manage servers, such as the popular Ansible in the industry (developed based on Python), which can Help operation and maintenance engineers solve repetitive tasks.

As a scripting language, Python provides many software packages that facilitate interaction with the server. For example, the Python standard library contains multiple libraries that can be used to call operating system functions.

For example, through the pywin32 package, we can access Windows COM services and other Windows APIs; using IronPython, we can directly call .Net Framework.

Generally speaking, system management scripts written in Python are superior to scripts written in shell language in terms of readability, performance, code weight and scalability.

3. The field of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a very popular research direction at present. If you want to select the most popular and highest-paid IT positions, then you must not be in the field of artificial intelligence Engineers are none other than.

The core of artificial intelligence is machine learning. Machine learning research can be divided into traditional machine learning and deep learning. Both of them are widely used in image recognition, intelligent driving, intelligent recommendation, natural language processing, etc. App direction.

Among many programming languages, Python is definitely the language of choice for artificial intelligence, because Python has outstanding advantages in machine learning and deep learning. It can be said that artificial intelligence can no longer be separated from the support of Python. The reasons are summarized as follows:

  • At present, the world's excellent artificial intelligence learning frameworks, such as Google's TransorFlow (Neural network framework), FaceBook's PyTorch (neural network framework) and the open source community's Karas neural network library, etc., are all implemented in Python;

  • Microsoft's CNTK (cognitive tool package) also fully supports Python, and the VS Code developed by the company has also supported Python as a first-level language;

  • Python is good at scientific computing and data analysis, supports various mathematical operations, and can draw higher-quality 2D and 3D images.

In short, the advent of the AI era has made Python stand out, and Python's position as the leading language in the AI era is basically unshakable!

4. Web crawler

The Python language has long been used to write web crawlers. Search engine companies such as Google use the Python language to write web crawlers extensively.

From a technical perspective, Python provides many tools for writing web crawlers, such as urllib, Selenium, BeautifulSoup, etc., and also provides a web crawler framework Scrapy.

5. Scientific computing

Since 1997, NASA has used Python extensively for various complex scientific operations.

And, compared with other interpreted languages (such as Shell, JS, PHP), Python has quite complete and excellent libraries in data analysis and visualization, such as NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, pandas, etc., This can meet the needs of Python programmers to write scientific computing programs.

6. Game development

Many games use C++ to write high-performance modules such as graphics and display, and use Python or Lua to write game logic. Compared with Python, Lua has simpler functions and smaller size; while Python supports more features and data types.

For example, the more famous games Sid Meier's Civilization (civilization, as shown in Figure 3) and EVE (Star Wars Eve) were developed using Python.

In addition, Python can directly call Open GL to achieve 3D rendering, which is the technical basis of high-performance game engines. In fact, there are many game engines implemented in the Python language, such as Pygame, Pyglet, and Cocos 2d.

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