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The html5 version refers to the next-generation standard of the Internet. It is a language description method for building Web content and is considered to be one of the core technologies of the Internet; According to the specification of the core language HTML, the content that users see when they use any means to browse the web is originally in HTML format, and it is converted into identifiable information through some technical processing in the browser.

HTML5 is a language description method for building web content. HTML5 is the next-generation standard of the Internet and a language way to construct and present Internet content. It is considered to be one of the core technologies of the Internet. HTML was produced in 1990, and HTML4 became an Internet standard in 1997, and is widely used in the development of Internet applications.

HTML5 is the specification of HTML, the core language of the Web. When users use any means to browse the web, the content they see is originally in HTML format. identified information. HTML5 has made certain improvements on the basis of the previous HTML4.01. Although technicians may not put these new technologies into application during the development process, website development technicians must have a certain understanding of the new features of this technology. understand.


  • HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language

  • HTML5 refers to the fifth The second major modification (version 5) (HTML5 is the result of the cooperation between W3C and WHATWG), the H5 network standard is unified, can be used across platforms and devices, and has strong semantics.

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