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IE8 does not support html5, if you want ie8 to support html5, there are two ways: 1. Reference google's html5.js file and put the code in the head Label interval; 2. Support HTML5 elements by adding while (i--){document.createElement(e[i])} code.

But let IE (ie6/ie7/ie8) support HTML5 elements, we can add the following JavaScript in the HTML head, this is a simple document.createElement statement, using conditional comments for IE to call this js file. Opera, FireFox and other non-IE browsers will ignore this code, and there will be no http request.

Method 1: Refer to Google's html5.js file, and the code content can be downloaded and viewed by yourself.

<!–[if lt IE9]> <script src=""></script><![endif]–>

Put the above code into the head tag area

Method 2: Do it yourself with coding JS.

   (function() {
     if (! 
     /*@cc_on!@*/     0) return;
     var e = "abbr, article, aside, audio, canvas, datalist, details, dialog, eventsource, figure, footer, header, hgroup, mark, menu, meter, nav, output, progress, section, time, video".split(', ');
     var i= e.length;
     while (i--){
})() </script>

No matter which method you use above, please remember to define the following in CSS, the purpose is to make these tags become block elements, just like div.


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